In a city surrounded by killer jungle is where the main characters live out their lives. Duomo is home for both citizens as well as the headquarters of the Anti-Government organization; Metal-Age. It is eventually destroyed during the burning of Tokyo to eradicate the Daedulus. Surrounded by old ruins of Tokyo now overgrown with much vegetation, the city is very ramshackle, and is the home to the Metal Age group. The people of the Metal Age group seem to put more of a focus on nature and learning.

Characters residing in Duomo:
  • Kuniko Hojo (Affiliation:Citizen/Metal Age)
  • Nagiko Hojo (Affiliation:Citizen/Metal Age)
  • Yuri Gamagori (Affiliation:Citizen)
  • Tomoka Yamazaki(Affiliation:Citizen)
  • Momoko (Affiliation:Citizen/Metal Age)
  • Takehiko (Affiliation:Atlas/Citizen/Metal Age)
  • Miiko (Affiliation:Former Citizen/Metal Age/Moon Palace)


The "Market" City, Akihabara is famous for its "Black Markets" and is filled with many people from different cities who operate the many businesses there. This is where Kuniko decides to sell Graphite and also homes the three old otaku who make the fake IDs Metal Age uses to enter Atlas.

Characters residing in Akihabara:

  • Old Man Army (Affiliation: Broker Trio)
  • Old Man Camera (Affiliation: Broker Trio)
  • Old Man Loli (Affiliation: Broker Trio)


The following list of people are rich and privileged, and are living in Atlas tower because they either live there or work to assist someone who lives there.

A tower filling the horizon, Atlas is a project promoted by the Japanese Government and run by Atlas Corporation. This tower was built to relocate the rich and privileged, away from the Jungle-polis covering much of Japan. However, the government had lied to the citizens, promising everyone a place on Atlas once the construction finishes. The only citizens allowed in Atlas are winners of a famous "Atlas Lottery".

Characters residing in Atlas:

  • Mikuni (Affiliation: Moon Palace)
  • Sayoko (Affiliation: Moon Palace)
  • Ryouko Naruse (Affiliation: Atlas Corporation)
  • Soichiro Hata (Affiliation: Atlas Corporation)
  • Shougo Kudo (Affiliation: Atlas Corporation)
  • Leon Imaki (Affiliation: Atlas Corporation)
  • Shion Imaki (Affiliation: Atlas Corporation)
  • Kunihito Kusanagi(Affiliation: Atlas Corporation)
  • Karin Ishida(Affiliation: Ishida Finance)
  • Klaris Lutz (Affiliation: Ishida Finance)
  • Zhang (Affiliation: Ishida Finance)
  • Seigei Talsian (Affiliation: Ishida Finance)
  • Medusa (Affiliation: Ishida Finance)
  • Hiruko / Lord of Atlas
  • Canary